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Current available jobs that best match thunderbirds:

Finance: Controller/Director of Finance
Director of Finance/Human Resources - Springfield Thunderbirds (Springfield, MA)

The Director of Finance role is a fast-paced, multi-faceted position that will play an integral part of the Thunderbirds’ continued growth as an organization within the American Hockey League. This position will require finance expertise, along with human resource responsibilities and direct oversight of a team merchandise staff member. This particular role has great growth opportunities, as we are looking to bring someone on that is able and willing to go the extra mile to help make the Thunderbirds’ a premier entertainment/sports destination in Western Massachusetts.

Job Duties:

  •  Cash Management
  •  Daily, weekly & game night reconciliation of incoming cash/checks/credit cards/EFT’s for all revenue streams of the company including, but not limited to season tickets, group tickets, corporate partnership payments, team store sales (via POS system), ancillary game night revenues and other miscellaneous sources of revenue.
  • Prepare monthly (internal) and annual (reviewed) financial statements
  • Prepare weekly cash management reports
  • Accounts Receivable (corporate partnership installment invoicing and collections)
  • Accounts Payable (analyzing all incoming vendor billing to determine proper expense account allocation)
  • Payroll – via outside payroll processing company (Complete Payroll Solutions)
  • Maintain salaried & hourly employee records
  • Compute commissions for season & group tickets and corporate partnerships
  • Compute bonuses for sales staff
  • Human Resources
  • Maintain and monitor office vacation & sick day calendar
  • Annual budget preparation
  • Liaison with MassMutual Center box office manager & director of finance regarding game night settlements
  • Work in close conjunction with Manager of Ticket Operations
  • Bi-weekly deposits of season ticket collection
  • Game by game deposits of group ticket collections
  • Review ticket system (Paciolan) reports of sales reps with Ticket Sales Manager in order to compute commissions and bonuses
  • Work in close conjunction with Coordinator of Merchandise
  • Settle cash drawer to POS reports on a post-game basis
  • Conduct monthly inventory count
  • Prepare away game per diems (includes cash disbursements to players, coaches, trainers and broadcaster per AHL collective bargaining agreement)
  • Compute & electronically file monthly sales tax return with Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • File all necessary research and data to insurance brokers for health, liability, worker’s comp and commercial forms of insurance
  • Review all credit card processing policies, procedures and agreements with 3rd party vendors
  • Maintain monthly petty cash reports with Equipment Manager & Head Athletic Trainer
  • Liaison with Hogan Technology, regarding IT & phone management
  • Liaison with MassMutual Center regarding office maintenance
  • Perform treasurer duties for Springfield Thunderbirds Charitable Foundation

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